Natural space and circular economy

From the heart of the Montes de Toledo (Spain) and with an integrated ecosystem of olive groves and nature, we elaborate the best juice of the olives: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Circular Economy

Circular Economy is understood as the economic model that is included in the framework of sustainable development and that optimizes the use of natural resources, closes water, energy and material cycles, minimizes environmental impacts, and promotes efficiency by ensuring that products and resources maintain their usefulness and value as long as possible. Therefore, it is about changing the mechanisms of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and resources, and in turn avoiding emissions and material losses.

The main objective is to achieve maximum value and use of all resources, products and waste, promoting the rational and sustainable management of them, promoting their reduction, recycling, reuse and recovery, energy savings and reducing emissions of pollutant gases and of greenhouse effect.

For this, it is essential to cover the entire life cycle of the product, from production to consumption, through waste management and the market of secondary raw materials.



The alpeorujo resulting from the extraction of the juice from the olives, is dethroned to be used as fuel biomass and the rest is composted to regenerate the soil.


1 million lungs

With more than 1 million olive trees on our farm, we have a Zero Carbon Footprint. Our emission of greenhouse gases is minimal and compensated by the large forest of olive trees.


Bone olives

From the alpeorujo organic matter is separated from the bone of the olive. The organic matter of the alpeorujo will be composted and the bone is used as clean combustion energy.


Iberian lynx

Finca Valdezarza has been chosen for the repopulation of the Iberian lynx protected species. See how they reproduce and live among the olive trees is magical.


Messor Project

The curiosity to learn and experiment is in our DNA. In this case we carried out the Messor Research Project with drones and satellite flights.


Deer, boars …

Partridges, roe deer, golden eagle, vultures … are part of our biodiversity that makes our olive grove a true Mediterranean forest.

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Awards & Recognitions

We have been working in the field of extra virgin olive oil for 20 years. Our goal has always been to work and improve ourselves year after year. And the best recognition is the sales results in more than 14 countries.

Export countries


Protected species

Million olive trees

we highlight

What makes us different


Family business in continuous technological evolution, logistics and research.

Olive Mill

With capacity to grind millions of kilos of olives, it is located in the heart of the farm.


Iberian lynx, golden eagle, vultures, deer, wild boar … coexist with our olive grove.

Packaging plant

We control the whole circuit, from the olive tree to the packaging equipped with robotic arms.


With real research, development and implementation projects as a Messor Project.


One of the widest ranges of the market in both varieties and packaged.


What our customers think about us


«There is no surprise when you buy Aceites Valdezarza, there is no deception»

Martina. Madrid


“Quality and price”

«I think is the extra virgin olive oil company with the best quality-price relation in the market»

Pedro. Castellón de la Plana


“Octopus extra virgin olive oil»

«In my restaurant was a discovery to start using the octopus extra virgin olive oil»

Antonio. A Coruña


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