Messor Project

Determination of the optimal harvest time through a Decision Support System (SAD)


Messor Project


Through the development of the MESSOR R&D Project, whose purpose is the development of a methodology and process for the determination of the optimum ripeness point in the 4 varieties cultivated in the Valdezarza mill (Picual, Arbequina, Cornicabra and Hojiblanca) thanks to the intensive monitoring of the crop during the Project months, which allows us to set a model of aid to the decision applicable both to the point of maturation and to the optimization of irrigation and fertilization.

The post-project objective that motivates this proposal is to have available an agronomic model of intensive olive cultivation that is supported by soil-plant-climate monitoring and together with the consideration of data of the exploitation (capacity and availability of means) and of economic data (market prices) allows to determine what is the optimum harvest moment of each variety, so that this moment is the point of equilibrium in which profit is maximized (quality / quantity) and costs are minimized.

On the other hand, the MESSOR model would also take advantage of the optimization of watering and fertilization (precision management agriculture), being able to determine the timing of watering and nutrient contributions for each management unit individually. This double application, in addition to being an end in itself, is a necessity for the main objective, the model for determining the watering point, since knowledge of the localized contributions of water and nutrients is also decisive for the fruit’s ripening .

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OILOX Project

Extra virgin olive oil as a functional food


The beneficial effects of olive oil on health are directly related to its composition. For this reason, in the OILOX project, it is intended to achieve an extra-functional virgin olive oil, through the increase of polyphenol hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives in a natural way, with certification that demonstrates the amount of this antioxidant and its origin.

To achieve this objective, a protocol will be developed for the determination of the hydroxytyrosol content in the olive by remote sensing, new methods will be applied during the production of the oil and a new analysis technique will be used  to obtain the quantity of polyphenols. 

And in order to guarantee the final consumer the quality of this new olive oil, the appropriate conditions of packaging and storage will be determined, so that the concentration of hydroxytyrosol is as high as possible despite of the time.

The OILOX Project is a cooperative project developed together with 2 other companies producing EVOO as well as agricultural technical assistance companies and a specialized laboratory in the olive sector, all partners are assisted by the University of La Rioja.


Food quality and safety


For Aceites Valdezarza the most important thing is the quality and food safety of its products and because of this our packaging plant is subjected to demanding audits to meet the expectations of our consumers. For the second consecutive year we have the IFS Food (International Featured Standards) certification that guarantees that all the products we offer meet the criteria of food safety, hygiene and traceability.

We control the quality of our products and throughout all these years we have endeavored so that our plantations are completely ecological, this last year we have finally achieved it, all our trees are ecological. In this way, we offer excellent quality and food safety to our consumers.



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