Today’s recipe comes from Galicia: a feira octopus.


  • One octopus of approx. 2 kilos
  • Spicy high quality Vera paprika
  • Valdezarza Extra Virgin Olive Oil “especial pulpo”
  • Coarse salt or sea salt



1. If the octopus is fresh, it must be macerated giving (according to tradition) 33 strokes on a hard surface. Another option is to freeze it beforehand, since freezing breaks the fibers, which contributes to it being more tender once cooked.

2. Boil plenty of water, preferably in a copper casserole (salt is not necessary). If we have frozen the octopus, we defrost it before cooking.

3. We clean the octopus, removing the guts of the head, mouth and eyes.
When the water breaks to a boil, we take the octopus from the head and introduce it into the water by submerging and lifting it from the water three times in a row. After this operation we will see that the tentacles remain curly. We leave it then submerged in the water until it starts to boil again.
When this happens, we will count approximately 20-30 minutes.
Check if the octopus is already cooked and turn off the heat letting it rest in the water for another 20-30 minutes.

4. After the resting time, we remove the octopus from the water, cut it into slices of approximately 1 cm thick, placed on a plate (preferably wooden) and seasoned with spicy paprika, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Valdezarza “Especial pulpo” and salt.


Our a feira octopus is ready to eat!

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