The beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil on health are directly related to its composition. For this reason, in the OILOX project, it is intended to obtain an extra-functional virgin olive oil through the increase of polyphenol hydroxytorosol and its derivatives in a natural way, with certification that demonstrates the amount of this antioxidant and its origin.

To achieve this objective, a protocol will be developed for the determination of the hydroxytyrosol content in the olive by remote sensing, new methods will be applied during the production of the oil and a new analysis technique will be used with which to reliably obtain the quantity of polyphenols.

And in order to guarantee the final consumer the quality of this new oil, the appropriate conditions of packaging and storage will be determined, so that the concentration of hydroxytyrosol is as high as possible despite the time.

The OILOX Project is a cooperative project developed together with 2 other companies producing EVOO as well as agricultural technical assistance companies and a specialized laboratory in the olive sector, all partners are assisted by the University of La Rioja.