Valdezarza has already been the place of release of several Iberian lynx in the past. However, we can not get enough of receiving more of these majestic animals. That is why the 20th of January was very special for us since that day another couple of lynx was released in one of the farms linked to Valdezarza: Finca Las Cumbres. Their names are Queso and Quirina, whose new home will be the Montes de Toledo.

Both come from the province of Cáceres and were born in May of last year, so their age is 9 months. Male and female are now free in the Villarejo de Montalbán region.


“We have managed to go from having just a few specimens of Iberian lynx in the region to have currently about 200 lynx, one third of the 600 in the country.” 

Jose Luis Escudero

Sustainable Development Advisor

The event welcomed a multitude of local personalities, including some mayors and the Sustainable Development advisor.

The school of San Martín de Montalbán, a small town in the region, was present during the release of the lynx. The little ones, despite the bad weather, were visibly excited as we can see in the video we recorded to immortalize the occasion.

Events like this put us in direct contact with animals in danger of extinction, and hopefully will make the younger ones appreciate the increasingly pronounced need to take care of the environment, starting with our region.


Valdezarza thanks the environmental services of the Community of Castilla La Mancha for the opportunity to collaborate in this program that aims to conserve the lynx in the peninsula. It is an honor to take advantage of the valuable natural resources of our farms to give home to Queso and Quirina.