Bread with tomato, also called “pa amb tomata” in Catalan and Pantumaca in Spanish is a representative dish of Catalonia.

It consists of a slice of bread and ham with half a scrubbed ripe tomato and seasoned with arbequin variety extra virgin olive oil.



  • 6 slices of rustic bread (the type of bread baked in a wood oven works well. Better if it is bread with salt.)
  • 3 ripe tomatoes.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Valdezarza to taste (approximately one large spoonful for each slice of bread).
  • Iberian or Serrano ham.



1. First of all, we toast the bread slices on both sides, this can be with a toaster or grilled.

2. Once toast, we split a tomato in half and rub it considerably on the bread.

3. Place the extra virgin olive oil on the tomato.

4. Put the ham on the bread and ready to eat. We have the recipe for pantumaca prepared for hot eating.


Our pantumaca is ready!

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